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The Methods of Trans-perception
1. The key to Trans-perception:
Recognize your state of mind: Attain Self-awareness & Drop the thinking mind.

When you perceive the art, be aware of your mind activity in process.
Realize the subtle feelings of urge, undetected tendency and intrinsic impulse to think about art.
The essence of Trans-Art, like beauty, music and any other essential qualities, cannot be grasped by the thinking mind but can only be known intuitively.

So does True Love.
You can use your thinking mind to analyze love, and come up with infinite reasons to love your family but they are not it: no matter how plausible they seem.

True love has no reason.
True love can only be known unconditionally ; it does not require reasons or validation by the thinking mind.
The immutable essences do not belong to the realm of thinking which represents the dimension of the Ego mind.

Thinking is not perception (thinking is a form of perception).
Mind is not consciousness (mind is a form of consciousness).

Thus, in order to transcend the thinking mind and to obtain perceiving consciousness, it is necessary to drop the tendency to think - the urge to understand, label, name, interpret, categorize, compare, and other usual reactive mind activity.

When you perceive the art, know that you are thinking and know that to "drop thinking" is the only way to the true perception.

Hence, ‘know that it is OK not to understand.’
Then the real understanding not filtered by the thinking mind, can glance at you.

Confront your inner state and enlighten your consciousness: Shine your light of consciousness on the unnoticed inner state and realize the urge and impulse of the mind to draw conclusions.
By that confrontation, the tendency to think can be recognized and stopped.

Through the recognition of yourself being trapped in the thinking process of ego, self-awareness is restored: and there opens a doorway outside of your mind.
Instead of relying totally on obsessive thinking, the mind can return to an untamed consciousness, the perception and recognition itself; only then, the Awareness reveals its presence.

When self-awareness crystallizes the state of consciousness, and the surrounding essence of form, a spacious peace can be recognized: calm and clear.
There will be a perception, recognition and understanding, but at a different level of quality; the mental energy source and the vector will have changed.

That liberated state of mind, which some call the pure consciousness, the dimension of formless IDEA, the field of infinite possibility, or the origin of inspiration, is where the creational sparks are generated from. It is the field of our original state of consciousness before the thinking mind (in which limitations are set by the very nature of ego) took possession of our being. That untamed and insubordinate consciousness is the transcendental state of mind which we can attain after extricating ourselves from the Ego state of mind.

2. The Key to transforming from ‘form-perception’ to ‘formless-perception’:

Alert Recognition of the Incredible Nature of Space through Conscious Breathing.

It begins by a realization of the true nature of the invisible vacancy that surrounds and contains the form of art.
The formless Space, which we think we understand, may possess much more quality, and a crucial significance and incomprehensible depth to its nature beyond what we know.

Without space, the form of art cannot be.
Every form and matter is sustained by the empty space: the formless empty space surrounds the art and you: you subsist by breathing in that space, and all matter and form exist based on the presence of that formless vacancy.

Space, the unrealized source of life and existence, is what you breathe in to exist ; it is the source of your life although you are not always aware of its significance.

Trans-perception is the transformation from ‘Form-observation’(visualization and comprehension) to ‘Formless-awareness’, recovering your cognitive faculty. In other words, you invite the formless-awareness (the perceiving consciousness independent of the mind's usual tendency and capacity to comprehend only the forms) to the art and to yourself by perceiving the formless source of the art and you.

You and every other form are generated from, sustained by, and disappear into that space.
Ultimately, only the Space remains in immutability.

The formless space surrounding and containing the art also reflects the invisible source of art where its creational inspiration originates from.
It also surrounds and contains you; by recognizing it, you can get a glimpse of your origin, the invisible inner state of being where the inspiration of the Trans-Art comes from.

The outer vacancy of space shares equivalent nature with the pure state of inner consciousness: an invisibility which cannot be seen or be observed but only be known.

You can integrate that space, the source of the form, with your consciousness by conscious breathing.
The consciousness can be liberated from your tamed mind activity of form observation and become one with space through space awareness (formless-awareness).
It is a knowing of the space, not by thinking, but through alert recognition and conscious breathing; becoming one with the space through conscious breathing as you become one with life by breathing it.

At that point you are no longer the mental form (a thing) trying to analyze the form of art (a thing), but the formless-perception (spacious awareness) recognizing the formlessness beyond the form of art.

Trans-perception is about transcending the conceptual framework of the Egoic mind.