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The Beginning of the Universal Trinity
After the founder passed away, Hanol-gyo foundation suffered from the Korean IMF financial crisis. As a legal descendent, it was inevitable for Sewon to take on the responsibility of restructuring the foundation which was on the verge of financial collapse. 

The first task he was assigned was to construct three traditional chapels in the sanctuary of the HANOL main temple (symbolizing the Trinity of holy spirits from Korean history) as a place for the permanent preservation of the founder's Sari (the sacred matter recovered from his cremated remains to be preserved for religious purposes).

To build the chapels which would symbolize the ancient spirits of the Trinity in a time of serious financial crisis, with limited resources and financial scarcity, he firstly re-defined the concept of Trinity in a wider perspective. After persistent persuasion, Sewon achieved the consensus of the Hanol Spiritual Committee; instead of building the three expensive traditional chapels accommodating three ancient holy ghosts, he placed three immense lights symbolizing the enlightenment and illumination of the Universal Trinity, transforming a relic into a concept that can be applied universally.

The three lights of enlightenment reflect not merely three ancient holy spirits in the Korean tradition, but also the new concepts of the Universal Trinity reflecting three enlightening spirits, three qualities of existence, three crucial substances, three elements of life, three forces of Nature, three principles of Truth, three essences of the Universe, three primordial entities and the three quintessence of sacred teachings that are compatible with, but also transcend the ancient form.

"Illuminating the lights of Enlightenment Art could represent the quintessence of the Hanol principles better than a thousand books analyzing or explaining them."

He stated that "the uncontaminated pure lights of the Universal Trinity can speak more accurately for the Hanol Spirit" than a thousand words he could use to explain it.

The Universal Trinity of Enlightenment came into existence and became the first work of the Art of Transcendence.