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'Trans-perception' is to transform one’s state of perception from the 'form-perception (observing the object of art)' to 'the formless-perception (the awareness on the invisible source of art)'.
It is to perceive not just the form of art but to discover the formless source of the art: the space, the inspiration and the state of consciousness.

In absence of formlessness, the form of art cannot be.
We are so used to perceiving only forms that we are not aware of the formlessness: the source of the forms, the origin of the art, and the original state of our perception.
The crucial significance of invisible qualities (the true nature of space, the origin of inspiration and the pure state of perception that are inseparable elements of the art) are unrecognized and even ignored.

The Trans-perception represents the change in the point of perspective:
By shifting the perception from the material to space, from the form to formless, from the art to inspiration, from the outcome to origin, from the outer to inner, from the understanding to awareness, the state of the consciousness changes.
It changes from the form-perception of the thinking mind to the formless-perception of liberated awareness.

‘Perceiving formlessness’ (Trans-perception) is enlightening and awakening your awareness to activate and vitalize the dormant faculty of self-awareness; it is to invite concentration of awareness to the space (formlessness), to your perception (consciousness), and therefore to the art (the origin of inspiration).

By knowing with certainty that the art, the space and consciousness cannot be comprehended by the thinking mind, but only can be known by the perceiving awareness, the perceiver can also be self-aware of mind activity (thinking) and be able to let go of thinking in order to enter the trans-ego state.

In other words, by recognizing and ceasing the mind activity within, you can attain a higher level of consciousness (self-awareness of the workings of the ego mind), thereby realizing the essence of the Trans-artwork beyond the comprehension of the ego-state.