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The pre-requisite
The Trans-perception requires self-awareness (self-perception) which recognizes your own mind’s activity objectively. In order to transcend the usual state of mind activity, it is necessary to recognize it first.

It is to perceive not only the art, but your inner state while you perceive the art: the mind's impulse, the urge and the tendency to think (name, categorize, label, evaluate, compare, interpret and comprehend the art). Alert self-awareness enables you to realize that you are thinking and 'the thinking process recognized' means that the awareness is activated. Realizing it is to transcend 'the state of being completely trapped in the subjective consciousness'.

You cannot perceive the whole mountain when you are trapped inside of the mountain.
Likewise, you cannot perceive your Ego (thinking mind) when you are trapped in it.
You can see the whole mountain either by getting out or by getting on top.
In order to recognize that you are trapped in the Ego (thinking mind) and to perceive it objectively, there must be an awareness that is not completely trapped in the subjective thinking process.

That realization of self-perceiving awareness is the trans-perception : the awareness transcending the thinking mind, and the transformation from the thinking mind to the trans-perceiver who witnesses that process.
Before that realization, there is a semi-automatic reactive process of thinking, reactive to whatever arises in your perception.

The involuntary reactive mind process of thinking happens based on the built-in mind structure of the mental synapses you have accumulated throughout your life. The fuel is supplied by the mental energy reflecting and corresponding to the egoic intentions, responding to whatever arises in your perception.
The liberated state of consciousness insubordinate to the ego (untamed by the built-in mind structure), can be attained through that realization, even though it can only be a glimpse at first.

That untamed perception, if attained, can glance at the art which is also the expression of the liberated inspiration acquired by the same state of consciousness: then the full significance and the true essence of the Trans-artwork can be revealed.
You are then no longer the ‘mind’ looking at the ‘surface of art’.

The consciousness, beyond the physical form of self and the mental form of ego, perceives the equivalent existence in the Trans-formational state of being.
Through the trans-perception, the artist and the perceiver can join in an equivalent state of consciousness: the Trans-formational state of awareness.