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The Trans-perceiving Techniques
1) Turn-off the mind : When you perceive the art, sense your state of mind & surrender thinking

In becoming self-aware of 'the thinking mind', you may wonder:
               'Where is the thinking mind?' ← Here it is: this wondering process is it!

How to drop it?
Admit the fact that the thinking mind cannot grasp the true essence of the Trans-Art;
Accept the fact that it is OK not to understand.

Nothing will happen.
But if you are OK in ‘not’ understanding, you will be at peace: the confusing and agitating mind can take it easy i.e. it can be turned-off, and the calm and clear state can be reset.

The perception of consciousness shifts from the impulse of the mind to think and understand, to a state of concentration of mind that is not completely interrupted by the thinking mind.

*Caution: If you are completely identified with the ‘thinking-mind’ i.e. if the ‘Dark side of the Ego’ is fully activated or if you are trapped in a ‘state of 'Egoic-agitation’: (the overwhelming ‘Ego-generated emotional-thinking process’ fundamentally rooted in agitation, hatred, anger or fear), self-awareness is almost impossible to be attained for the time being. This is especially true for the novice with undeveloped or underdeveloped ‘mental-muscle‘ to control the ‘explosion of mental-energy’ or the ‘impulse of Ego’.
At first, you will not know that you are trapped in the Ego, as a person trapped inside of the mountain cannot objectively visualize the whole mountain.
However, as it is possible to see the whole mountain either by getting out or getting on top, 'getting out of the Ego by the time (looking back)' can enlighten you and help you to be self-aware when it happens repeatedly.
As your awareness gains strength through ‘self-experiences of recognition’ backed by the willingness to be liberated from being trapped in the Ego, you will be able to 'get on top of the Ego', and perceive its workings and mechanisms.
As the expression 'get on top' refers to looking at the mountain from the top, and being able to visualize not merely the whole mountain itself but the 360 degree view of the world (trans-perceiving the mountain), it means you will be able to see, not only yourself being trapped in the ego, but recognize (trans-perceive) the door way out side of its imprisonment, discovering the possible paths to be liberated 360degrees all around your ego.

2) Re-boot the mind: Begin Trans-perception (i.e. trans-form perception, formless-perception) through conscious breathing.

You can transform yourself from your usual state as a form-perceiver (the thinker) to that of the formless-perceiver (the spacious state of consciousness); you can become one with the space (the formless source of the art and yourself), not by thinking, but by breathing it in.

Before participating in the art, concentrate and recognize the space surrounding the art and yourself in absolute alertness: be aware of the incredible nature of the space, sustaining the world of form, the art and yourself, i.e., the formless space where you and the form of art came from, sustained by, and disappeared into.

Conscious breathing that integrates your consciousness with the space, generates a higher level of consciousness with a deeper and wider perspectives than that of the confines of the Egoic mind.

To realize the incredibility of space is to realize the incredibility of the life that you are breathing in, and the incredibility of the source sustaining all in existence. It is a realization of the incredibility of the life that you are, and that of all in existence.
Through the conscious breathing of formless(spacious) perception, you can get a glimpse at the oneness of all in existence, the mutual essence of incredibility.

After the reboot, you may experience your original state of consciousness insubordinate to the Ego, but the mind will soon be forced to follow the usual thinking procedure of the tamed mind.

However, consciously breathing the space to be aware of the formlessness of the artwork while you perceive it will help you to pause your thinking mind, even if just for a little while, and stimulate awareness.

3) Reset the Mind: Confront the Trans-artwork to change the perceiving mind program

Before visualizing the art, take a deep breath. (Closing your eyes can be helpful)
There will be a moment of gap between the out-breath and the in-breath: the moment where you do not have to breathe out or breathe in the air - the natural pause.
Recognize that moment.

Be aware of that timeless, calm and clear moment.
It is your original state of consciousness before the Egoic mind that assumes your consciousness.
In the moment of recognition, the surrounding essence of calm (it is actually your state of mind cognized) can be recognized and fresh perception can be attained, if only just a glimpse.
It can only be for a split-second because you can experience it only in the moment of your mind being reset.

After the re-boot, the mind will quickly recapture your consciousness and follow the usual procedure of mind activity (thinking) in order to conceal the moment as if it didn't happen.

Trans-perception is about transcending the confines of the conceptual framework of the Egoic mind.
By transcending the formation of mind structure, you transform from the tamed thinker into the self-perceiving witness, ready to perceive infinite possibility including the corresponding energy vibration immanent in Trans Art.

- More methods and techniques of Trans-Perception will be introduced in the future presentation of Trans-artworks-

The Ultimate Trans-perceiving Technique: Perceive the Trans Art.

Once you confront the trans-artwork, concentrate fully
What is in the art can reveal its nature by itself, and awaken your intrinsic inspiration equivalent to that which is immanent in the picture.

Even if previous trans-perception methods are unsuccessful, perceiving trans-artworks with knowledge of the purpose of trans-perception will be the great ‘trans-perceiving method’ in itself, i.e., knowing the purpose of Trans-perception before perceiving the trans-art will point you in the right direction.

The artist expresses powerful and spiritually empowering inspirations from the transcendental state of consciousness in his art based on his own witness, and self-confirmation of the enlightening and awakening experience. By using the multi-dimensional expression method that he acquired from his spiritual experience, his inspirational energy from the transcendental state of consciousness is directly reflected in his art.

Trans-Art can take you to the state of consciousness where the art originated.
If you are aware enough, you may sense the artist's creational inspirations and the mental energy expressed in the Trans-artworks intensely.

In perceiving the Trans-Art, if something in you resonates, comprehends, grasps, recognizes, intuits, and/or glimpses in you, know that it is your inner dwelling consciousness reacting, sensing and recognizing what is in the Trans Art.
These are the intrinsic qualities and inspirations of your true nature which were dormant under the surface of mind activity. They can be awakened in response to the corresponding creative sparks in the picture.