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Art of Transcendence
"Awakening Art" by an Enlightening Artist:

Art of Transcendence is a new way of art introduced by a former young spiritual leader from Korea, (he was also well known in his youth as a genius painter, before he discontinued his art and majoring in politics, philosophy and economics at Oxford University) expressing his spiritual awakening and enlightenment through a new "way of art". 

The artist expresses powerful and spiritually empowering inspiration from the ‘transcendental-state of consciousness’ in his art, based on his own witnessing and self-confirmation of the enlightening and awakening experience. By using the ‘multi-dimensional expression method’ that he acquired from his spiritual experience, his inspirational energy from the ‘transcendental-state of consciousness’ is directly reflected in his art. 

In referring to the ‘enlightenment and awakening’ process, he emphasizes using the present tense of the awakening and enlightening process. According to his notion of ‘enlightening and awakening’, he is not referring to the conventionally known concept of the ‘super-natural phenomena of absolute transformation’ achieved by the small number of spiritually gifted figures but to a ‘natural process’ that everyone is about to experience in this era of intellectual singularity, and the ‘gradual process’ that he still undergoes as a life-time commitment. 

He attempts to unveil undisclosed secrets and the incredible means to find the hidden doorways into other dimensions of consciousness through his art.