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Elaboration of Art of Transcendence: Trans-Perception
Art of Transcendence (Trans-Art) can be regarded as art that transcends the conventional form of art; it is a new way of producing and perceiving art.

Trans-Art can show us a path into the origin of art, thereby showing the origin of our consciousness: the original state of being before 'the composition of Ego-mind' assumed the possession of our consciousness. That liberated state of consciousness is our true nature and it is also the origin of the Trans-Art works where the formless inspirations and the light of creational sparks originate from.

Trans-Art is art created in the Trans-Ego state of mind; it induces a perceiver to enter the Trans-Ego state of mind:

Firstly, the artist acquires inspiration from the ‘Trans-Ego state of consciousness’ (the creational mental-state insubordinate to the ‘egoic mind process’) and expresses the creational spark in the form of art. He introduces the artworks ‘ONLY’ that are produced by resorting to the ‘Trans-Ego state of consciousness’, as Trans Art

Secondly, the artist proposes a new way of perceiving art: The Trans-Perception, which is to change one’s state of consciousness, transcending conceptual limitations (breaking free from the ‘egoic conceptual framework’) using a new method of perception. Trans-perception is to perceive not just the form of art but the formlessness of art.

The state of consciousness which transcends the ‘mental formation of Ego’ produces art, for the perceiver to enter into an equivalent state of consciousness.

The artist makes it clear that the following explanations and advices are merely a suggestion to be applied in ‘Transcendental art’ only.
“I honor all ways of art.  I respect all artists and their forms of art.
Trans-Art and Trans-perception is only one way amongst uncountable ways.
I make it clear that I have no intention to interfere with any other ways of art."
Sewon Shin